‘Catching’ people doing things better

How come I picked ‘Mind The Solution’ as a company name? Lack of inspiration?

The result of a tiresome brainstorm in a worn out Palo Alto garage?

Not quite: years ago I fell in love with Solution Focus, or SF. A change approach and way of behaving that was this lifechanger to me (oh, Hollywood drama). One of the assumptions underlying SF is to avoid the problem spiral in the interaction with others: problem > (in depth) problem analysis > blaming, ‘who-dunnit’, how come you have this problem > lack of willingness to cooperate > less solutions > explaining the lack of progress.

Instead, let us opt for the solution spiral in our interactions: problem > goal, what do you want instead of the problem > what’s already working towards what you want, earlier successes, positive exceptions to problems > sense of appreciation, willingness to cooperate & more options > more solutions > explaining progress.

Minding progress and solutions and how they come about, paying attention to resources, doing success analyses instead of gap analyses in the interaction, taking first small steps rather than defining heavy action plans: ‘Mind The Solution’ was born.

Looking forward to interact with you,

PeterCatching people doing things better