Training conflict transformation

I will be giving a training on solution focused conflict transformation for a group of mediators.

They know and apply a lot already, and wish to take a bite in a new apple.

Quoting Fredrike Bannink:

‘De Bono distinguishes 4 dimensions in conflict thinking:

1) Fighting
2) Negotiating
3) Problem solving
4) Designing

The 4th and best way in conflict resolution, the design approach, is solution focused and looks forward at what might be created. One possibility is to first determine the end point and then see what solutions may get us there.

Another approach is to simply jump to the end and conceive a ‘dream solution’. Its content can be illogical because it concerns a fantasy. More importantly it can suggest circumstances in which the conflict would no longer exist: ‘Imagine the conflict resolved, what would you then be doing differently?’

Apart from extreme situations, co-designing a common solution is more courageous and…fun than, say, walk away.