Passion, or the killing of bureaucracy and routine

What are your new excuses not to look for your passion(s)? No, not your interests, that’s a different ball game altogether.

Larry Smith:

‘Are you gonna go to your sweety and say: marry me, you are…interesting.’

‘Your kid will come to you one day and tell you: I have a dream.’ You will reply and say: ‘I had a dream once too kid, but…then you were born.’ 

‘Do you really want to look at your family and see your jailors? Why not say: ‘Go for it kid, just like I did.’

One of the best YouTube clips I have ever seen, and indeed something else than Steven Jobs’ (marvellous) 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford University …

The hopeful message lies in the very end of these 15 exciting, hilarious minutes.