Simple, non-simplistic

Goodness, why did I not ever think of that before’. These seemingly simple, non-simplistic AHA Erlebnisse, minuscule eureka moments, pocket-size moments of epiphany.When you ‘connect the dots’ (only possible afterwards, I know, Steve Jobs) and insights are casually woven and intertwined together.

One of those minuscule moments when I was browsing through LinkedIn one night, after a long day. What I read, was the following:
‘If we consider organisations as collections of their actions – especially of their conversations – we gain a powerful lever of change.’ 

If you look at organisations as human (and therefore complex) systems with people having conversations, it becomes easier to work on concrete individual, team and organisational desires, aspirations and goals. In other words: what crucial conversations are needed in our organisation to reach what we want? 

These essential talks will most likely deal about one of these elements: the mission and the goals, the roles, processes & procedures or about ingredients of the interaction. 

One of those sparkling moments that makes your neurones smile and gets the universe winking an eye at you.
Jimmy Hendrix