Start me up

Starting up a business needn’t be as painful or socially isolating as described in the dramatic article below.

In my talks with future entrepreneurs I like to use the expression ‘building a bridge while walking on it’: how do you make use of what’s already there? what are all the key success factors and key success actors that are important to you now, and how can they be beneficial to your future business?

Simply put: what and who (= resources) playing a role in all your lives now can play a role in your future company?

Managing ànd updating expectations towards your friends, partner, family also works for me.

Better: make them a partner-in-crime of some sorts. A fan.

Bart De Waele, Chief Energising Officer of digital agency Wijs, has a clear definition of a start-up in his sleeve:

‘A start-up is temporary organisation searching for a product for which there’s a big demand (product-market fit) with a scalable and replicable business model.’

As a mentor Bart spends on average 1 to 2 hours per week assisting and advising start-up companies. He considers too many people stay in love with their start-up status without maturing their businesses: ‘A college student of 42 is slightly pathetic too…’

Wish you a critical read of ‘How quitting my corporate job for my start up dream f* my life up’.