My name is Peter Musschoot.

Founding Mind The Solution in 2010, I was a consultant and business unit manager in HR services for 10 years.

Later on I grew into a management team member role at a consultancy. I was responsible for building an interim HR management division, combined with consultancy projects and business development. Today I would call the latter relationship building.

Afterwards, at the Belgian Post headquarters, I delivered leadership programs that I personally designed, to the great satisfaction of internal clients. I also coached leaders and teams with good care of their desired changes. You will find some client references through the website.

As an international trainer, team & personal coach and host of large scale meetings, investing in life long learning is crucial for me. I am a regular participant at development programs, workshops and intervisions with peers.

A growth mindset allows me to do the right things at the right time: from all the theories, models, change approaches, quotes, clips, concepts, articles, together with the client I select those which can be practically applied and with the most impact for your specific situation.

Good interactions between people are the main key for change. ‘The action is in the interaction’. This explains why I am always seeking to co-create useful change with employees, leaders, leaders of leaders and the teams and organisations they are building.

Finally, I combine a very goal oriented approach with an appreciative attitude towards people and their possibilities.

Clients call upon me for projects in Belgium and worldwide.