During this short interactive session you will be taking a first step in learning how to apply Solution Focus (SF). SF is a goal oriented and appreciative approach dealing with change, solutions and complexity. Building solutions is central, instead of getting rid of problems.

In our interaction the focus often goes to finding the cause of a problem. Frequently this is a detailed problem analysis, not bringing us much further towards a solution. There is a lot of time and energy spent on the ‘why’ and on what and who contributed to creating or maintaining the problem.

Solution focused discussions are different. They look for what is already working for individual people, teams or whole organisations. They explore how the desired future looks like without a problem. They pay attention to progress people make. Concrete next steps for growth are found quicker and easier.

You will be able to apply what you have learned and improved as of the first day after this teaser session. Whether it is in the interaction with your boss, peers, co-workers or in the private sphere.

These are some topics that are dealt with in an interactive way:

  1. You learn how to analyse successes instead of problems
  2. You experience the difference between a problem and a limitation
  3. You are invited to listen and to coach in another way
  4. You are able to explore your desired instead of your undesired future
  5. You remember better what is already working now and what worked in the past
  6. You know what concrete next steps to take for your goals

Finally, I would like to invite you to watch the following short clip:

Could you be interested to organise a short session on Solution Focus in your organisation?
Please send me a short e-mail with your details to pmusschoot@gmail.com. I will contact you the same day.