When I coach teams we co-create change in a one-to-group situation.
Team members from the same team, business unit or division gather together to learn, to share and build on each other’s resources.
Concrete and pertinent cases are brought under the spotlight to get better team results.
A participative environment is created where team members cannot fail to gain insights and knowledge and next steps for team growth are taken.

TEAM here truly stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.

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When I coach individual coachees we co-create change in a one-on-one situation.
Individual coachees I partner with are leaders, experts, executives, or supporting staff,…
A coachee can be 1) a customer for change, act more like 2) a visitor to change or be in 3) a complaining relationship towards change. In every situation the coachee and I manage to find out what has worked in the past, what’s working already today and what can work in between and after the coaching sessions.

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