‘There is a world of difference between being able to solve the client’s problem, and being able to help the client solve his or her problem.’ – David Maister

Coachees experience how together we make effective use of what’s already working. We also make use of whatever the coachee brings to the table. I support the assumption that the coachee is not helped best by digging extensively into the problem in order to find out what could be better. Often, he experiences that too much diagnostic problem talk creates even more problems, while solution talk creates more solutions – paraphrasing Steve de Shazer. Furthermore, I don’t believe that coachees can be helped best in the form of precalculated 10 session packages.

What I do believe in, is that personal coaching tracks are as long and as simple as needed – not simplistic. Breathing the assumptions of a Brief Coach, coachees are surprised by the fact that even two or three sessions can be very effective for them. It is clear what useful next steps they will take, and when they will take them.

In short, Mind The Solution fully slows down or speeds up in line with the pace of the client.

Coachees also testify how they benefit enormously from ‘blended coaching’: a personal coaching track integrated with one or more individual training days.

Since August 2015 Peter Musschoot (Mind The Solution) has been coaching a number of people in our company, both individually and in a team context. From the first contact with our experts onwards, Peter managed to create trust and truly is getting the best out of people. His roles in our strong partnership range from coach to trainer. In my capacity as Econopolis co-founder I would like to recommend Peter’s professional services. – Geert Wellens, CEO and co-founder Econopolis