‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go together.’ – African proverb

Clients call upon Mind The Solution for coaching one or multiple teams in different contexts.

To name a few scenarios that will improve team results:

  • a team or multi-team program to reinforce the cooperation
  • a business unit’s mission and goals, roles, processes and procedures need to be refreshed or clarified
  • a division is faced with conflict or a lack of trust and wants external mediation
  • a strategy needs to be translated into a concrete action plan
  • a facilitator is wanted to improve the interaction and efficiency during team meetings
  • the team wants to create a practical set of values and work on a code of conduct
  • a leader wants to reward his team with interactive learning
  • intervision sessions to get solutions for concrete cases
  • a brainstorm to reach a desired or new outcome
  • celebrating successes with the whole team as an inspiration for growth

… or another change scenario your team could use a team coach for.