‘I have no use for knowledge that has not been preceded by a sensation’ – AndrĂ© Gide

Large group meetings are an important method of organisational change. They function as so called decision accelerators, gatherings where internal and external stakeholders co-create and express their support for the desired change.

Critical talks are respectfully guided and crucial topics are discussed properly.

Large group meetings help to*:

  • plan and implement organisation-wide change
  • solve complex problems
  • facilitate breakthrough thinking and innovation
  • enable organisational learning
  • create community
  • revitalise the organisation

* Gower Handbook of Training and Development

The main roles that I have been mandated with for leading groups from 50 to 500 people: process facilitator, change agent, interactive public speaker, interviewer, panel moderator, story-teller, animator, improviser, silence and timekeeper, trainer, first follower of ideas.