‘You seldom talk anybody out of his position by arguing directly with their premises and inferences’ – Daniel Dennet

Clients call upon Mind The Solution for consultancy and process facilitation with regard to all types of interaction and leadership.
Follows a sample of projects and programs that have proven to be very successful:

  • training program ‘Cooperation’ for teams and leaders: analysing success – solution focused coaching – turning problems and complains into goals – giving constructive feedback – resolving conflicts
  • 7 days leadership development program for senior, middle and operational managers
  • conflict transformation program
  • consultancy¬†on vision, mission, strategy and personal, team and organisational¬†values
  • training on solution focused coaching
  • customised individual training for experts, leaders and leaders of leaders and executives
  • training on interaction styles
  • training on growth and fixed mindset

What clients say

Mind The Solution participants like the training and process facilitation because of a number of reasons:

  • they love the type of interaction that is created
  • they experience how new and proven models, theory and concepts are made applicable
  • they learn through doing and sharing
  • they are happy with the follow-up I offer
  • they are enriched by the fact that insights are built from a systemic perspective
  • they support the rhythm and variety of working formats instead of a facilitator Powerpointing slides
  • they value my keen personal interest in their specific organisation

and they feel the passion for what we co-create together ever since the first meeting.