Picture: The differenceMind The Solution has worked with organisations of all sizes in various sectors: life sciences, academia, consultancy & services, logistics, non-profit, postal services, media, …

In each sector every client requirement is unique and deserves close personal attention. Instead of offering so called blueprint solutions, I always ensure that I listen to the client carefully and understand the client as much as possible. There is an agreement on what is desired.

Standard recipes are replaced by a ‘SIMPLE’ approach*. This entails the following benefits for our partnership:

S = Focus on solutions, progress and success analyses
I = The action is in the interaction
M = Making use of what’s there already
P = Possibilities in the past, present and future
L = Language, simple – not simplistic
E = Every case is different

* Adaptation of ‘SIMPLE’, an acronym coined by Mark McKergow and Paul Z. Jackson

I am inspired by a variety of pratical tools and methodologies that work best with¬†the client. One of the approaches that ‘contaminated’ me, is Solution Focus (=SF). SF can be defined as:

‘an approach in which a practitioner, for example a facilitator or a coach, supports clients by viewing and treating them as unique and competent, by being responsive to what they say, helping them to visualise the changes they want and to build step-by-step on what they have already been doing that works’ (cfr. De Jong & Berg, 2008; Walter & Peller, 1992).

The client and I manage to identify and acknowledge problems efficiently and zoom in together on what they want instead of the problem. Meanwhile, I am ‘catching’ people in what they are already doing good or better, even just a little bit. Therefore, you can also describe my approach as progress focused.

In short, Mind The Solution combines a very goal oriented approach with an appreciative attitude towards people and their possibilities.

I look forward to interacting with you soon.