Starting to train and coach professors, postdocs and PhD researchers at universities years ago, at first I thought that they would be looking for the most in depth models, concepts and scientifically valid theories. Putting a small black and white label on their foreheads as being very high brow, that was only part of the […]

‘Catching’ people doing things better

How come I picked ‘Mind The Solution’ as a company name? Lack of inspiration? The result of a tiresome brainstorm in a worn out Palo Alto garage? Not quite: years ago I fell in love with Solution Focus, or SF. A change approach and way of behaving that was this lifechanger to me (oh, Hollywood […]

The past tense of success

One of my former colleagues broke a pattern during a management team meeting – let me tell you what happened. He simply suggested to all of us that we share something we were struggling with. Something that worked out badly, a mistake we had made since our last meeting. Wanted to drag him over the […]

Training conflict transformation

I will be giving a training on solution focused conflict transformation for a group of mediators. They know and apply a lot already, and wish to take a bite in a new apple. Quoting Fredrike Bannink: ‘De Bono distinguishes 4 dimensions in conflict thinking: 1) Fighting 2) Negotiating 3) Problem solving 4) Designing The 4th […]