Happy 2015 to you

Let’s do some time travelling to your preferred future, the year 2015. Suppose you would be transforming intentions into concrete actions the coming months. We would meet up in 2015 and you would proudly tell me your answers to the following questions: 1) What have you continued doing in 2014 that worked good (enough) before? […]

Practical self-coaching tool

I have developed a practical self-coaching tool that you can use if you are stuck with something. The tool is easy to use too when: – you want to improve a skill – you want to smell the scent of progress – you want to discover a next step – you want to remember what […]

Small steps, big impact: the snowball effect

Sometimes you hear yourself wonder what to do next in a given situation: Should I stay or should I go? How on earth can I bring my team or even my whole organisation to a higher level? 
 What to do with someone with whom I want a different relationship?

 I’ve tried so much already… […]

Dedicated to dedication

Chris Callewaert is a passionate doctoral researcher at Ghent University who works on body odour. From all the media attention it seems that Chris is no less than on his way to conquering the world… I saw him make a very thought provoking TEDxTalk about his research that is changing lives. This is a transcript […]