Where is my mind?

A rare long television interview. With Bart Peeters, presenter – poet – toy boy – philosopher – rock star. Mr can-do-it-all, ideal son-in-law and, perhaps, who knows (I reckon) happily married with kids.

Sitting on the couch with a very significant other back in 2013, my sweet mum.

Dixit Peeters: ‘Love who you are with right now.’ 

Make the best of your energy spent with colleagues, a business partner, a dancing king or queen, a familiar face.

Not pondering about the meeting that will follow, the next ‘check’ on your action plan.Rather, love the time with whom you are right now. Read my lips, NOW.

Forget about the next call, plunge into the present. Carpe momentum, not diem.

Hard to keep this promise to myself sometimes (thinking about the next x, y or z).