You Jane, me Tarzan

You Should Power Pose in Your Sleep Amy Cuddy is the Harvard Business School social psychologist who popularized the notion of ‘power posing‘, the idea that standing in a confident manner — with upright posture and a puffed-out chest — can actually make you feel and act more confident. Likewise, if you stand slumped over […]

Start me up

Starting up a business needn’t be as painful or socially isolating as described in the dramatic article below. In my talks with future entrepreneurs I like to use the expression ‘building a bridge while walking on it’: how do you make use of what’s already there? what are all the key success factors and key […]


The process: 1 – sending a short introduction e-mail on Friday to a politician whose opinions & actions I can relate to 2 – swift reply: ‘call me on my mobile on Monday please’ 3 – Monday morning: arranging a lunch for the noon 4 – fruitful, very: wide range of topics discussed # national […]