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Discussions in most organisations contain too much conceptual talk. They somewhat resemble the confusion of tongues in Babel.

Unfortunately, people assume that they give the same meaning to the same words.

Let me show you what I mean with an example of a mission statement:

By creating value for our customers, we create value for our shareholders. We use our expertise to create transport-related products and services of superior quality, safety and environmental care for demanding customers in selected segments. We work with energy, passion and respect for the individual.’ – Bernard Marr, self-proclaimed LinkedIn influencer

All around the table nod or keep silent, as if they are implying ‘yes, I know exactly what you mean, dear speaker’.

The pre-eminent recipe for building a container concept organisation:

– we drag a container in the meeting room
– we open the container
– all of us use a lot of high level concepts in our speech (‘we should build in more leverage inside our organisation’)
– we all pretend to understand what is said in the same way
– we dump all our individual meaning that we give to these concepts in the meeting’s container
– we close the meeting, satisfied with the fact that there is so much common understanding in the organisation

‘Customer delight’, ‘value creation’, ‘flexibility’: they remain vague container concepts in case we don’t give a shared meaning to these words.

This is the first step: creating a shared meaning to words.

Second step: what will we actually do with terms like mission, vision, goals that is both clear ànd meaningful enough to people?

May we transform corporate jargon into clear and meaningful actions. Together.

Peter Musschoot

Founding Mind The Solution in 2010, Peter is a trusted partner across sectors all over the world (logistics, life sciences, academia, community building, scale-ups, etc.). His aim to affect people with my passion for training, team & personal coaching and large group facilitation. He also co-create change whilst building a vision with teams and organisations. His personal motto: ‘Catching People Doing Things Better’.


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