Take notes by hand when you want to learn something

Walk into a college lecture these days and you’ll see legions of students sitting behind glowing screens, pecking away at keyboards. Presumably, they’re using the computers to take notes, so they better remember the course material. But new research shows that if learning is their goal, using a laptop during class is a terrible idea. […]

This always does the trick for me: diaphragmatic breathing

Have you ever heard the proverbial phrase, ‘stop and smell the roses?’. Taking time to relax and refocus is a fantastic, age-defiant habit that complements any nourishing lifestyle. Stress management techniques are absolutely essential for people with high-stress lifestyles. Prolonged stress can lead to fatigue, weakened immunity, higher risk for other diseases, depression, and even […]

You did it your way

Betty Alice Erickson, mother and co-author of ‘An American Healer’ (p. 55-56), in a talk with her dad, Milton Erickson: ‘Finally he told me, ‘All right, I will teach you. In just one day, you will never be afraid of the dentist again.’ I could hardly wait. ‘I will call the dentist’s office’, he continued, ‘and […]