You seldom talk anybody out of his position by arguing directly with their premises and inference

  • Modular program ‘COOPERATION’: analysing success – solution focused coaching – turning problems and complains into goals – giving all types of feedback – resolving conflicts
  • Coalition Building – Getting Things Done With Others
  • Changing Hats – From A Directive To A Coaching Company Culture
  • Leadership from home: Socially Close, Physically distant
  • Practical session ‘How To Adapt My Interaction Style’
  • The Situational Leader At Work: Telling – Inspiring – Coaching – Delegation – Empowerment
  • The Opportunity Cost In Sales: From Contacts To Contracts
  • 5 to 7 days Leadership Development program for senior, middle and operational management – customised together with you
  • Crucial Conversations.  The Power Of Giving And Receiving Feedback (= release 1) & Creating A Culture of Permanent Feedback (= release 2).
  • Customised workshop ‘Making the mission, strategy and values of the organisation work for my team’
  • Case based training ‘Solution Focused versus Problem Focused Cooperation’



Clients call upon Mind The Solution for training and process facilitation with regard to all types of interaction skills  and leadership development. Follows a sample of projects and programs that have proven to be repeatedly successful.

Always case based and customised to your desired change.



Mind The Solution participants like the training and process facilitation because of a number of reasons:

  • they appreciate the type of action-in-the-interaction that is created
  • they experience how new and proven models, theory and concepts are made applicable
  • they learn through doing and sharing and get an experienced trainer at the same time
  • they can bring plenty of concrete cases to the table
  • they get just that little extra help in networking with people (‘host leadership’)
  • they support the rhythm & variety of working formats. No ‘death by Powerpoint’.

We share the passion for what we co-create as of the first meeting.

As tenure-track professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, I recently did a 1.5 day workshop on Coalition Building inside and outside Academia with Peter (Mind the solution). I learned a great deal on effective communication and empowered leadership. I got away with a great many useful and concrete tips and best practices that I am able to apply immediately in my day-to-day work. I also appreciated Peter’s approach very much: in less than 10 minutes, he had created a stimulating environment and lots of mutual trust between the five participants that had never before talked to each other. The workshop was positively interactive, with ample time for reflection and a good balance between plenary talking, concrete exercises, and loose discussions. I particularly enjoyed the advice Peter was able to give to each of the participants’ personal struggles, which revealed the excellent coach and strategist Peter must be.


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