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Besides work, I sometimes shake to the tones of swing music. I’m still a rather poor dancer though…

Day to day, I’m a fan of what Barbara Fredrickson calls ‘micro moments‘: creating a meaningful connection with potentially everyone. A short chat at the hairdresser’s. Bumping into the coffeeshop owner around the corner.

I want to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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My professional background is in HR consultancy and business development. Today I would call the latter: relationship building.

The first time I was offered a management role, I was more than thrilled. I would inspire people. I would grow into this ‘humble but persistent leader’ (Jim Collins)!

After a while I realized that I could use my strengths better supporting teams and leaders.

At the Belgian post headquarters I designed and delivered leadership programs that  internal clients were very satisfied with. I started to take my first steps into team & individual coaching.

But the wish to set up a company with impact, began to itch.

On the consultancy scene, I missed the combination of strong goal orientation with an appreciative attitude towards people: Mind The Solution was born in 2010.

My new e-mail signature should definitely contain the word: ‘international’.


As a consultant working globally since 10+ years, investing in lifelong learning is essential. Yes, trainers should be trained and coached too! Let’s walk the talk.

I constantly try and add practical insights and applicable knowledge, for instance through development programs and learning from peers. 

Finally, I think that good interaction between people is the main key for change. ‘The action is in the interaction’.

That is why I’m structurally seeking to co-create useful change with people and with the teams and organisations they are building.

I’m looking forward to connect with you soon!

– Peter

Standard recipes are replaced by a ‘SIMPLE’ approach*. This entails the following benefits for our partnership:

S = Focus on solutions, progress and success analyses

I = The action is in the interaction

M = Making use of what’s there already

P = Possibilities in the past, present and future

L = Language, simple – not simplistic

E = Every case is different

* Adaptation of ‘SIMPLE’, an acronym coined by Mark McKergow and Paul Z. Jackson

The difference - Part 1

Let's keep it SIMPLE

Mind The Solution has worked with organisations of all sizes in various sectors: life sciences, academia, consultancy & services, logistics, non-profit, postal services, media, …

In each sector every client requirement is unique and deserves close personal attention. Instead of offering so called blueprint solutions, I always ensure that I listen carefully and understand the client as much as possible. There is an agreement on what is desired.

I want to know more

The difference - part 2

Focus on the solution

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I am inspired by a variety of pratical tools and methodologies that work best with the client. One of the approaches that ‘contaminated’ me, is Solution Focus (=SF). Watch the video below for more info:

The client and I manage to identify and acknowledge problems efficiently and zoom in together on what they want instead of the problem. Meanwhile, I am ‘catching’ people in what they are already doing good or better, even just a little bit. Therefore, you can also describe my approach as progress focused.

In short, Mind The Solution combines a goal oriented approach with an appreciative attitude towards people and their possibilities.

I look forward to interacting with you soon.

– Peter

Solution Focus is an approach in which a practitioner, for example a facilitator or a coach, supports clients by viewing and treating them as unique and competent, by being responsive to what they say, helping them to visualise the changes they want and to build step-by-step on what they have already been doing that works'

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