One session, one chance – SF coaching

‘At the same Executive Coaching Conference David Peterson, freshly assigned Head of Learning and Development at Google, reported his own personal surprise when he was asked by his first internal client to be of support within 40 minutes. David had come from a culture of providing elaborated 10.000 dollar coaching programs and had to adapt now to the new ‘one session, one chance, immediate result, here and now’ culture.’

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Influencing the length of coaching

Feedback individual coaching and training day

Follows the feedback from a senior manager* whom I coached and trained during 1 full day.


Our session was held in a tiny conference room – 1 table, 4 chairs, a small window and a white board, very clinical – a room with no energy, light or personality. As soon as the session began, the room became ‘Vegas’ – bright lights on the horizon, fun, excitement, curiosity and energy and engaging.

Peter possesses an unusual ability to ensure that you remain fully engaged throughout the session – and his dynamic, almost organic approach ensures that you cannot help but feed off the energy he exudes.


The entire session felt like a meeting with a very old friend, and the conversations just flowed from ‘How are things with you?’ through to an almost seamless evaluation of my entire way of living and operating today – both professional and personal.

I was immediately able to see how and why certain behaviour and actions I had done my whole life – could actually do that with a little ‘time table engineering’ – enable me to operate in a more effective way! A real Eureka moment.

There was no point throughout the session I looked at a watch. I was completely engaged and inspired by the practices, methodologies and insight that Peter shared throughout the session.


The session I had with Peter came during one of the toughest periods that I have experienced, both in my business and my personal life. His coaching has helped me accelerate the planning and execution of my business and personal goals.

Peter’s sense of humour and matter of fact approach have really been refreshing, but always professional.

I really did learn how to ask myself the questions and find my own answers, something that I also now apply in both my personal and professional life.


*Clients interested in individual coaching and individual training can get in touch with the referee directly.