Leadership Inspiration

Leadership inspiration interview alex gorsky

Watch this 30 min interview with Alex Gorsky about leadership, human resources and soft skills.

Envisioning with teams & organisations

I felt inspired by working together in 2020 with the Leadership Team from NGO ‘Smile and Olive’. As a ‘Culture First’ organisation they have embraced their mission statement and culture as a second nature. Remember: ‘A good team survives a bad product. But a good product doesn’t survive a bad team.’ (Michel Akkermans)

Help your team RESET – Explore what worked well and what didn’t

‘Let’s celebrate our success!’, we hear the well-intentioned leader say. Typically, we gather together during an informal lunch after a successful implementation. The ‘thank you’ speech awaits at the end of the road (and the Oscar goes to…the wrong protagonists sometimes).

Help your team RESET – Reconnect first

My new approach ‘R.E.S.E.T’ helps to increase well-being, strengthen relationships and strategise forward. It will give structure and clear, meaningful agreements for the whole team.
Today we’ll talk about R of Reconnecting.