How people can perform better

1) Define clear and specific goals

Every day have 3 day goals

Have 3 medium-term goals
Have 3 long-term goals
Have 3 life-term goals
=> This forces you to prioritise instead of doing everything at once.

2) Avoid screen-sucking: e-mail = dopamine?

‘I just go check my e-mail’, and one hour later you find yourself still interacting with the screen.

=> Set a determined time to check mails, otherwise it’s like a jar of M&M’s that you can’t resist reaching for.
=> Every hour people spend about 20 minutes of dealing with unwanted interruptions. Do you want to be one of them?

3) Set your default response to: ‘Let me get back to you on that’

Most of us tend to be very generous too quickly. The next thing we know, we get overcommitted. We say ‘yes’ to too many things.

Maybe better at times: ‘I don’t have time to do your excellent project justice.’
=> Get yourself a first class ticket to the ‘no’ => cfr. the positive ‘no’ by William Ury from the Harvard Negotiation Project.

4) Never worry alone, get the facts, make a plan

=> Or: celebrate even the smallest successes or the tiniest progress. ‘Catch’ each other doing things better and better…! Be ‘progress detectives’ to each other. 
If something didn’t work out how you wanted, what will you be doing instead in the future? Have ungoing discussions about this. 

5) Cultivate lillies & get rid of leeches

Lillies: people and projects that are worth it. In order to have time for your lillies, you need to get rid of your leeches. The 2 main reasons why people can not get rid of their leeches are guilt and inertia.

Let someone else become a lilly for your leeches.

A caveat: too many lillies can become a leech! What and who do you give your priorities to? See nr 1….


What’s the first strategy you want to work on? What inspiration has this given you? What will you start doing – doing more of – avoid doing?

Stretching goals


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